Boomerang Plastics Increase Their Plastics Recycling Expertise

Boomerang Plastics; Summit Recycling’s sister plastics recycling line, are delighted to have welcomed three new technical team members in recent weeks.

Ben Gerry has been involved in plastics recycling, waste management and renewable energy for 10 years. He brings a wealth of specialist knowledge in the re-processing of a wide range of materials and broad experience of sourcing materials for recycling from across the UK and will be Boomerang’s General Manager.

Previously forming Envirosalus with business partners, Ben’s recycling philosophy dovetailed perfectly with that of Boomerang Plastics. Both companies passionate about ensuring that 100% of the material they reprocess is supplied back into UK manufacturing and not baled and shipped abroad. Envirosalus’ co-operation with Boomerang Plastics in plastics recycling highlighted this synergy that existed between the two companies, with shared business opportunities and growth potential. Ben says “I have joined Boomerang Plastics with the aim of helping to continue the good work already in place. We will be promoting a wider range of plastics recycling services to companies and waste management providers who are looking for a genuine recycling solution to their waste. I believe we are experiencing a large shift within the recycling industry and with the recent ‘green-fence’ initiative; launched by the Chinese government at the beginning of the year, there exists exciting opportunities to provide recycling solutions to companies across a number of sectors.”

Chris McCormack joined Summit primarily as a Recycling Projects Manager, but has proved his worth by stepping in to manage materials handling projects when pressure of business has required. His background in fast paced automotive production as well as MRF, AD operations and engineering management with a major recycler, has made him the ideal choice for Summit. His hands on engineering experience and methodical approach makes him a valuable asset to the Summit team.

Richard Last is the man with the demanding position of Plant Manager. Richard comes to Boomerang Plastics directly from a leading recycler and his previous background was in engineering, a large part of which was for the Royal Navy. Humour surrounding “running a tight ship” has been kept to a minimum – but only just. Boomerang is a demanding environment, but Richard clearly enjoys the challenge.

Managing Director Mike Jordan comments “I am excited by the potential being created here at Boomerang. We are strengthening our team in all the right areas and this will not only benefit Boomerang Plastics but also our Summit Recycling Machinery business and Summit Systems, our core ancillary plastics processing machinery business. We now have the expertise and technology to be of real value to businesses looking for waste solutions for plastic materials that are traditionally harder to recycle and need washing. We can now supply UK companies with a good quality regrind at huge cost savings compared with virgin materials”

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