Air Classifier Separators manufactured in UK

Summit Air Classifier Separators are now manufactured by Summit Systems, here in the UK. The space saving system for the separation of contaminating paper, foil,light film and fine dust is typically utilised after Granulation or Dry Washing operations.

The Air Classifier Separator uses upward vacuum extractionĀ of light contaminating materials by a channel, into which the mixed materialĀ falls. Material enters the Air Classifier Separator via a rotary valve and is distributed evenly between the towers before tumbling down each zig zag chamber. The heavy fraction is removed from a central collection hopper and the light fraction is lifted from the cascading material stream by a counter air flow and transferred to a separating cyclone.

The throughput required determines if the design of the system is single or multiple tower and the height of the Air Classifier Separator. These machines are a good space saving choice and are used by Summit Systems’s own recycling operation Boomerang Plastics.

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