Glass and MRF Residue Cleaning System

A revolutionary Glass and MRF residue cleaning system which is highly efficient in liberating glass from MRF residue. Creating a clean glass product, this provides a significant reduction in landfill diversion costs.

Its modular design makes it a simple ‘add on’ for integration into existing MRF installations.

A typical system includes a pre- screening process for the removal of fines and larger non-glass items such as caps and corks and oversized waste.  Ceramic, stones and porcelain, along with any remaining metals are removed with a ‘Clarity’ sorter.  Heat resistant and lead glass can also be removed.

The finished product can be sorted by size and colour, with each ‘Clarity’ unit having the option of 2 or 3 way sorting.  For comprehensive sorting, two units can be installed in succession.

The glass and MRF residue clean-up system typically processes grain sizes from 5 to 50 mm.  Fine grain sorting (1 to 15 mm) is also possible with additional equipment. This ensures a higher glass yield from fractions which up to now could only be partially recycled.

Three sizes of system are available with throughput capacities up to 12 tonnes per hour.

A roller crusher can also be included.

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