Single Deck Vibrating Screens

Screening is an important step in the recycling process, providing separation and classification of waste bulk materials.  We are able to supply and install Vibrating Screens for most recycling applications.

Our Vibrating Screens operate with either a linear or elliptical vibratory motion, dependent on the application and can be supplied as open, semi or fully enclosed units.

For the majority of applications single deck vibrating screens are used, typically in the form of a steel grid with apertures sized to suit the required screening.  These are often stepped in graduated sections with a row of tapered tines/fingers positioned at the edge of each section, for the purpose of flipping the product, as it cascades down the screen, to assist in the separation of the fines.

Clogging of the screen openings is sometimes a concern for waste processors.  Shredded materials like plastics, compost, incineration slag and damp, chalky, leafy materials or matted substances, can block the openings of conventional screens, which can make efficient screening a more challenging operation.

For these applications, a Flip Flop (sometimes referred to as a Flip Flow) screen can be supplied, which is particularly ideal for wet or sticky materials.  The screening motion of this option causes the material to bounce as it progresses along the surface of a rapidly undulating screen, made from a highly wear resistant polyurethane.   Vigorous agitation assists in the loosening of fines from difficult materials and the machine motion also causes the screen apertures to alternately stretch and relax, thereby keeping the screen free from blockages.

The amount of movement of both oscillating elements of this machine can be adjusted, to allow optimum setting for the materials to be processed.

Flip Flop screens can be supplied in combination with a standard elliptical motion machine, with the Flip Flop being positioned as the lower deck for screening of the intermediate fraction, allowing larger fractions to flow across the top mounted steel screen. More information about Multi Deck Vibrating Screens.

Benefits of Using Single Deck Vibrating Screens

  • Feed Capacity up to 1,000 tonnes per hour
  • Optimised screening panel movement ensures the screen openings remain clear.
  • These robustly constructed Vibrating Screens include optimum side sealing, which prevents loss of material and wear to the side plates.
  • Low maintenance requirement


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