Summit Recycling Systems

Summit Recycling Systems extracts maximum value from waste.
As part of the Summit Systems Group, we have access to the most innovative recycling equipment from around the world. Our team of award winning engineers design and build recycling systems that maximize plant efficiency and let you soar ahead of the competition.
Benefit from higher waste recovery and purity rates, lower landfill costs and higher income by selling better quality products.
Products include air separators, conveyors, granulators, optical picking stations, pulverisors, shredders and vibrating screens.
Call 01827 265800 to see how you can process your ‘waste for all its worth’.


Optical Picking Stations

An ideal solution for the automated sorting of mixed plastics, beverage cartons, paper, cardboard and metal. Our Optical Picking Stations are available… More »

8th December 2015


Air Classifier Separators manufactured in UK

Summit Air Classifier Separators are now manufactured by Summit Systems, here in the UK. The space saving system for the… More »

17th February 2014


Glass and MRF residue cleaning
Glass and MRF Residue Cleaning System
Image of Single Deck Vibrating Screens
Single Deck Vibrating Screens
Image showing Optical Picking Station
Optical Picking Stations